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Attracting people to your business

Attracting enough people to your business is the first step in your sales process. If you don't get enough people interested in what you do, you won't sell enough. It doesn't matter how good your product is, how great your sales and marketing skills and process are you need volume. 

Getting people through the door, or, virtual door, these days needs you to get a compelling message to the right people at the right time. Sounds simple, but it's complicated, and lots of things have to work well. It's worth checking your attraction process to make sure it's adapted to our strange circumstances. Let's look at each bit of the equation.

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A compelling message

Your message has to motivate people to contact your business. It has to resonate with them, talking their language and sound like you can improve their lot in some significant way. It has to be clear and easy to understand and focus on meeting your target market's needs. Your message must be consistent. The timing should be appropriate; its not much use trying to market your Christmas decoration service in the 1st January.  Your compelling message has to be tailored to your chosen communication channel, and media and the tone must be right. When you create your messages check that you have answered these questions

  • Benefit (What's in it for your customer?)

  • Differentiator (Why should they buy from you?)

  • Call-To-Action (What do they do next?)

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To the right people

The right people are people most likely to buy your product. They are where you want to focus your effort because you satisfy their needs best and you will get a better return for each hour spent marketing to them. Do I hear "but I want to sell everything to everybody?" Well, you can still do this while focussing marketing effort on "your winners". If people who are not in the target segment show interest; make the sale.  With so many changes happening, including changes to your business, check that you are focussed on the right people and still satisfy their needs. Can you answer these questions to get started?

  • What type of person or business spends most with you?

  • How can you describe them (Demographic, age, sex, interests, behaviours)

  • How can you target people just like them?


At the right time

For some products, timing is everything, Christmas decorating services, Easter eggs, spring fashion, winter boots, to name a few. Timing for other products, which are not seasonally driven, is still essential but depends on your customers time of need. Useful financial advice may be needed following an inheritance, will writing after marriage and so on. Seasonal products have an established and know pattern to them, others do not and depend on your marketplace finding you at their time of need. It's hard to anticipate non-seasonal needs but you can pick communication channels your target market uses. Social media, search phrases and specialist interest groups make a good starting point. 

  • Are your products seasonal? (Easter eggs for example)

  • Is the need for your product event-driven? (Birth, deaths, marriages etc)

  • How does your target market get information?

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