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Closing more deals in the new normal

In the past, businesses with complex high-value products relied on a lot of face to face contact with customers and prospects. Corvid-19 changed all that, face to face opportunities are few and far between, and we need to adapt to the "new normal". Nobody is sure what this looks like, but we are going to need to adapt. During the lockdown, a lot changed for business; low or no demand, furlough, working from home and massive growth in social selling, digital marketing and video conferencing. Can you take your sales interview on-line and make it work? What does it depend on? 

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A good sales interview

A good sales interview is well prepared. It starts with research to build as clear a picture of your customer as possible. Social media reveals a lot as does a quick "Google". Preparation of yourself, sales tools, and content is crucial for success. The actual live interview can be structured in four phases.


  • Introduction where your objective is to establish credibility and rapport.

  • Discovery where you find out what your customer's needs are.

  • Demonstration where you show how your product meets the needs and

  • Close, where you provide the customer with the opportunity to say yes.

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Great content

Great content is important for good sales interviews. Proof points, customer stories, specifications and product details are crucial to building customer's motivation to say yes. Use proof points and customer stories to build trust and belief, the closer the customer is to the type of customer you are talking to, the better. Think about how you are going to present this information,


  • PowerPoints

  • Brochures

  • Fact Sheets

  • Graphics,

  • Copy should combine to tell one, consistent, compelling and credible story.


Adapting to the new normal

During the lockdown, most businesses relied on on-line sessions. As we move toward the new normal, it looks like face to face is becoming more possible. If you have an excellent face to face sales interview, it can be flexed to do both jobs. Assuming you started face to face be mindful of the adjustments you have to make for on-line.


  • It is more difficult to read body language in an on-line session, you can only see the face. This makes it more difficult to judge how the customer is reacting.

  • It's more challenging to share material and

  • You may find it challenging to keep some participants attention. 

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