Sell more

Selling enough is the number one problem for over 80% of organisations. Key problem areas include;

  • Attracting people to the business

  • Picking winners

  • Developing people’s interest

  • Closing the sale

Attract people to your business

Attracting people to your business is a real challenge. You may have the best product, but every marketplace is crammed with competitors fighting for sales.


Information overload makes it difficult to get your message to the right people at crucial times in their customer journey. Your success in attracting people to your business will be affected by;

  • How compelling your proposition is to your marketplace, how different, how unique?​

  • How good are your communication skills?

  • How practical, comprehensive and up to date are your sales and marketing skills?

  • How compelling is your sales collateral to people

  • How well do you get your message out there?

Close more sales

Sales interviews provide business owners with an excellent opportunity to close the deal or take a positive step in longer sales processes.


Sometimes some simple to fix problems stop this happening enough. 

Its worth spending time putting things right because, if you lose the sale now, you waste all the time, money and effort spent getting people this far in your sales funnel.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable when you sell to people, can a change in mindset help you?

  • Do you have a good process? Can you enhance it and get better results? 

  • What are your sales skills like, can you benefit by adopting some proven techniques? 

  • How good are your brochures, presenters and presentations, do people think they are convincing? 

  • How compelling are your questions and proof points?

Pick winners

What makes a winner for your business? People are not equally valuable, and you don't want to waste your time and resources on people who are not worth it.  There are two opportunities to pick winners.


Firstly, when you describe your target market. What characteristics do your valuable customers share? Professions? Demographics? Wealth? Age? Behaviour? These can all help you pick your winners. 


Secondly, as people’s customer journey progresses, how do you select people that are ready to buy? These questions can guide you;​ 

  • Do they have the money or budget, if they don’t have it now, when will they? 

  • Do they have the authority to buy, if they don’t, who does? 

  • Do they have a need you can satisfy if they don't, what will make them buy from you? 

  • Do they have a timeline, what it is, what are the critical dates?

Nurture people's interest

Some people need nurturing before they are ready to buy from you. They want to understand more about you and your business; you need to understand more about them and their needs.


If you can create the right opportunities, you can build rapport, credibility and motivation to go to the next stage. 

  • Do you have a planned, measured and optimised nurturing sequence?

  • Are you able to generate enough chances to interact?

  • Do you offer people quality interactions, typically workshops, or, do they need more development?

  • Are you in control of everybody or do you lose track of what you have done with people and what you have agreed?

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