Nurturing people's interest

Studies show about half the people you attract to your business are ready to buy immediately. The other half are not and need nurturing to develop their motivation. How are you going to do this?  Understanding the needs and timing of each prospect, providing compelling content and creating excellent opportunities to engage more are key to your success.

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Understanding the needs and timing of each prospect 

Each prospect has specific needs that your product must satisfy. If you have a complex product or range of products, it's essential to discover what they are. Tuning content to needs is crucial; People interested in a marketing product will not be motivated by financial content. Their timeline is crucial, and you need to discover when they plan to buy. 

  • Contact each prospect and get to know them. A face to face session is best but may be inappropriate at the moment, video conferencing is next best followed phone and email.

  • Make sure that you have enough information to select the right nurture campaign for each prospect. If you don't, how are you going to get the information?

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Provide compelling content

Have you ever signed up to a mailing list and been bombarded with sales pitches and offers? How did you feel about it, and what did you do? My guess is you felt annoyed and didn’t but the product. Have you attended an event, in person or on-line that was thin on valuable content and high in sales effort? Make sure you don’t do this to your prospects! It just does not work in this day and age.


  • Make sure that your content adds value to your prospects, makes them more likely to engage and brings them a step nearer purchase.  Most people value content that educates and entertains; try to focus on this type of content.

  • Design campaigns that are well constructed and engage people more deeply over time. Education courses are really good at this; you demonstrate how knowledgeable you are, and people learn stuff they value.

Don't forget your prospects

Who forgets their prospects and doesn't nurture them effectively? It tends to be people who run their sales and marketing on the back of a fag packet. Once you have reached a decent number of prospects, you outgrow the fag packet, lists, excel spreadsheet and need to invest in a CRM system. 


  • Do the right thing at the right time. Keep your CRM updated, and it will help you avoid blunders. You will know what you have done with a prospect and what you have agreed to do.

  • A CRM system helps you segment more effectively, measure progress and spot opportunities more quickly.

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