Attracting people to your business

If you can’t attract people to your business, you end up with too few leads, usually of poor quality that you don’t have enough opportunities to generate the income you need. Because you don’t get to use your skills and techniques often enough, they tend to atrophy and its easy to get anxious and frustrated. It’s a vicious circle.

But, attracting people to your business should be easy, right? You have a great product; people will search you out? Let’s say this is true. Finding you can be a problem for people. Competitors both direct and indirect are out there promoting their solutions relentlessly, they clog up the internet with their content, they are everywhere in networking groups, LinkedIn and Facebook are full of claims to have the answer to your client’s needs.

How can be overcome this challenge and get found? Research your marketplace, your customers and competitors. Analyse what you find and work hard to match your customers’ needs better than everyone else. What do they need and how much do they need it? Think about how you are different, hopefully, unique in some respects, work out your brand values. Hone your messages till they sparkle each time your clients see them, enticing them to contact you a little bit more each time.

Make sure that your clients get the opportunity to see your messages as often as possible. Where do they network? What groups do they belong to? What directories do they use? How do they search for information? Make sure your message is clear, concise and consistent, leaving your client with no room for doubt that your product is the one for them. Do this, and you cannot help attract more people to your business.


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