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Here are some tools to get you going. Some are designed to help you think about your business, customers and competitors. Others help you work out your goals, plan and make your customer contacts more effective. I hope they will help you into the "Selling More" way of life


Good luck


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Give customers what they want

Which is more likely to succeed? Selling customers your product, feature by feature or offering them what they need?


This map compares what customers need to what you offer right now. It will help you build customer knowledge and develop the  products and services they really want and need.

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SMART Campaign planning

Practical, well-targeted, and well thought out campaigns are crucial to your businesses success. The SMART campaign planning system is designed to match your sales and marketing activities to your client’s purchasing process, making purchasing from you easier than purchasing from your competitors.

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Adapt & succeed

Successful businesses need to be agile and smart to get the job done, they need to get more value from every pound spent. Adapting to changing business circumstances quicker than your competition is one way to stay ahead and succeed.


This map helps you evaluate your business in the context of a changing economic environment and get your strategic plan started.

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Sales Interview Blueprint

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Without sales, there is no revenue, growth or profit. if you are an entrepreneur running your own business or responsible for sales in a small business you need to be good at sales to succeed.

The sales interview is, for many, the dealmaker or breaker. This blueprint put years of experience combined with proven techniques in a place you can use them to increase chances of a yes.

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SMART Goal planning

Successful people have clearly defined goals and make effective plans to achieve them.  Having goals is a fundamental key to success. Goals help you engineer your future in advance of it happening. 

Planning goals helps you stay focused, develop and grow, pushing you to transform in ways you never imagined


This guide takes you through a great process to plan even greater goals. 

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Making Time To Sell More

Making Time To Sell More will help you get more done in less time. You will analyse how you spend your time now, identify your high-value activities and schedule time to get them done. Simple, but super effective.

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